An Experienced Kirkland Bankruptcy Attorney

Financial problems can be incredibly stressful. The emotional burden of debt can harm your relationships, and it can affect your mental and physical health. You may find yourself facing debt because of a job loss, a divorce, an illness or another hardship you cannot control.

If you are worried or embarrassed about receiving calls from rude collection agents, having your wages garnished or losing your home, you are not alone — and you are not without options. Getting out of debt doesn't happen overnight, but it may be much easier than you think.

Bankruptcy is an excellent source of debt relief for some consumers, while other consumers can resolve their problems without filing. The important thing is to do something if you are in financial trouble.

Personalized Financial Solutions And Real Personal Service

I am attorney Denise S. Kuhlman. At The Kuhlman Law Office, based in Kirkland, Washington, we understand that no two financial scenarios are alike. We also understand that when you are going through a difficult time it can help to have the assistance of a professional who is both knowledgeable and caring.

We help our clients develop personalized plans that address their debt problems and set them up for success. Our firm can help you find answers to critical questions about:

  • How to get collectors to stop harassing you
  • How to stop wage garnishment by creditors
  • How to stop bank levies, wage levies and other tax debt collection efforts by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
  • The differences between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13
  • Whether you actually need to file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy — or whether other debt relief options will work better for you
  • Your struggle with credit card debt or medical debt
  • How you can stop a foreclosure using Chapter 13, or through other means
  • Student loan debt and what options you have to get it under control

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